Wild Turkey 101 Rye

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Wild Turkey 101 Rye

50.5% ABV

This used to be one of the few Rye whiskies you could find in the dark days before the craft cocktail boom of the early 2000's and it's still one of the best for making cocktails. A lower rye mashbill of 51% rye, 37% corn, and 12% malted barley, it still has a peppery kick to compliment the lush butterscotch and oaky notes. Benchmark American Rye Whiskey.

About Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey may very well be our favorite Bourbon distillery. We think they are often unfairly overlooked as a legacy brand when in fact, they have basically always been at the forefront of innovation in the American Whiskey space. They were the first distillery that we ever heard talk about NOT using GMO grains and in fact they have never used them in their 75 years of making whiskey. Their 101 Rye was a benchmark bottling (along with Rittenhouse and 1 or 2 others) at a time when rye whiskey was very hard to come by. Their Russell's Reserve Bourbon and Rye have long been our go to spirits at the bar to recommend to guests looking for a short but meaningful step up from the well. The make classic American Whiskies while continuing to break new ground.

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