Tequila Ocho

Terroir. Sustainability. Heritage. This is Tequila Ocho. Founder Carlos Camarena is a 3rd generation Tequila Distiller and a 5th generation Agavero (agave farmer). Utilizing only the most mature Tequiliana agaves drawn from distinct single plots and vintage dated, they produce spirits patiently and in the traditional way. Certified additive free and always delicious from one unique batch to the next.
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St George Spirits

St George Spirits basically invented craft distilling in America. In 1982 when founder Jorg Rupf produced his first batch of Eau de Vie, there were fewer than 20 distilleries in America. There are now over 2000, many of whom were inspired directly by what they’ve achieved. Master Distiller Lance Winters and Head Distiller Dave Smith have continued to innovate, challenge themselves, and excite a grateful drinking public ever since. They are dear friends of ours and we are delighted to offer their Gin, Whiskey, Liqueurs and more to you.


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Prizefighter Bar

Our bar is right around the corner. We've proudly been serving our community for over 12 years.

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the brick & mortar

Prizefighter Bottle Shop is a new spirits and bottle shop from the owners of Prizefighter Bar. After 25 years in the bar business, we wanted to give our customers the chance to bring the Prizefighter experience home. Step into the ring!