Tosba Cenizo

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Tosba Cenizo

49.95% ABV

Edgar and Elisandro Gonzalez are the Palequeros behind Tosba Mezcal. Their palenque is in San Cristobal Lachirioag in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca. What makes this particular bottling unique is that it's made from Agave Durangensis or Cenizo, which is an agave varietal that does not really exist in Oaxaca. As the scientific name implies, it is native to Durango which is where they sourced the agaves for this batch.

They drove a truck full of Cenizo from Nombre de Dios in Durango back to their palenque where they pit roasted and tahona crushed the agaves. The mash was blended with their local spring water and fermented with naturally occurring yeasts. They double distilled in copper alembics. They call this "Mezcal Tropi-cal" due to it's bubble gummy, explosively fruity flavor profile. One of the most pleasurable but still complex Mezcals that you are ever going to taste. A massive hit at the bar despite it's high price tag. 

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