Terralta Reposado Tequila

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Terralta Reposado Tequila

40% ABV

Tequila Terralta is one of the house brands from Maestro Tequilero Felipe Camarena and his distillery, El Pandillo in Jesus Maria Jalisco. All of his tequilas are made from fully mature Blue Weber agaves that are roasted in his custom designed stone and brick oven that injects steam from both the top and the bottom of the oven for a more even cook, unique in the industry. The cooked piñas are crushed in his custom metal spiked tahona, nicknamed "Felipenstein". All of the spirits are distilled in copper alembics.

What differentiates the multiple brands that he produces is the water sources used and the fermentation process. El Pandillo has 3 water sources; spring water, reclaimed rainwater, and deep well water. For Tequila Terralta only water from their 150 meter deep well is utilized and the mash is fermented in stainless steel tanks with ambient natural yeast. This adds a minerality, weight, and softness that you don't get from spring or reclaimed rainwater. The Reposado is aged in ex Bourbon barrels for a minimum of 6 months. The flavors are mineral, oaky, and peppery with loads of agave flavor and depth. 

About Destileria El Pandillo-NOM 1579
El Pandillo is the domain of Master Distiller Felipe Camarena. Felipe is a 3rd generation distiller and a 5th generation agavero (agave farmer). His family founded and owns the La Alteña Distillery (Tequila Tapatio, El Tesoro de Don Felipe and others) and his brother Carlos owns Los Alambiques (Tequila Ocho).

Felipe is a mechanical engineer by trade and he has designed and built numerous unique pieces of equipment that he uses in the production process. Perhaps the most famous one is "Felipenstein", his 19,000 pound custom tahona that he uses to extract the juices from his roasted highland agave. It's also one of the most sustainable facilities in Jalisco with a rainwater capture system, biodiversity in his agave fields, and stillage treatment program. He is a force of nature and a true master of his craft. He's also one hell of a good hang.

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