Siembra Metl Familia Pérez Espadin

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Siembra Metl Familia Pérez Espadin

49% ABV

A very special bottling of Espadin from Michoacan made by Maestro Jorge Pérez and his son Miguel. They pit roast the 8 year old Espadin agaves for 45 days prior to mashing the agaves by hand with oak mallet's in eucalyptus "canoas" or dugout canoes. They ferment the agaves in brick lined basins with spring water and 20 liters of Pulque (an agave honey beer) for 12 days. They then double distill the resulting mash in Oyamel wood and copper Filipino style stills which are common in Michoacan. It is proofed solely with the heads and tails of the distillation. 

Although Espadin is the workhorse of the Mezcal world and there are oceans of cheap and mediocre examples of it in the market, we encourage you to put that to the side before tasting this precious liquid. Complex nose of a tropical fruit basket and subtle smoke. On the palate, it is viscous and palate coating with more tropical fruits and a floral lavender note. The finish is long and pleasing. A truly special bottle of Espadin from a 5th generation Maestro and his son, the 6th generation. 

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