NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

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NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

0% ABV

NON is a line of non-alcoholic wine alternatives made in Melbourne, Australia. The founders believe that de-alcoholized wine lack flavor and character. So they start with a base of organic produce and add verjus which is the unfermented tart juice of young, unripened grapes. The resulting liquids are meant to have some of the characteristic flavors and complexities of wine without any of the alcohol. 

NON 1 is pink from the use of fresh raspberries. Chamomile and sea salt add some tannin and floral notes. Lightly carbonated and best served chilled. It lasts for up to a week in the refrigerator. They have an 18 month shelf life when unopened.

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