Mezonte Tepe Raicilla

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Mezonte Tepe Raicilla

52% ABV

Raicilla/Agave Spirit made in a remote area at the intersection of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Durango by Aciano Mendoza. Wild Agave Cenizo/Shrivei are pit roasted and mashed by hand with machetes and wooden mallets prior to natural fermentation in pine vats with spring water. It's then double distilled in a copper bottom pot still that is topped with a hollowed out pine tree trunk. It has floral sweetness, chocolate notes and balancing acidity. There are many rare and unusual spirits in the agave space but few more so than this one. This community has produced agave spirits for ritual purposes for generations so the chance to taste it as an outsider should be taken seriously. 

Notes from
"Despite it’s name, Mezonte Tepe is NOT made with maguey Tepextate. Instead this gets it’s name from the Tepehuano community where it’s produced, at the border of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Durango. This reclusive community insists on isolation from western culture ​and the specific location of this distiller is somewhat mysterious. This spirit is made with maguey Cenizo (Agave bovicornuta). The term Cenizo is used to describe a lot of different agaves, and in this case this agave is also commonly referred to as maguey Lechuguilla Verde. While we call this spirit a Raicilla for ease of use on this site, there are certain groups that consider this a completely different agave spirit outside of the world of Raicilla."

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