Matchbook Distilling Flamingo Riviera Mango Chili Liqueur

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Matchbook Distilling Flamingo Riviera Mango Chili Liqueur

 20% ABV - 750mL

Inspired by a trip to the Yucatan, this is the liquid version of the classic Mexican snack of sliced fresh mango with lime juice and Tajin chili powder sprinkled on top. Fresh mango was macerated in distillates of Persian and black limes for several months before the addition of arbol, ancho, guajillo and pasilla chilis. They then made a syrup with the chili's which they used to proof the infused spirit. Sweet, spicy, massively fragrant. This is one of those slam dunk mixers that you can combine with basically any spirit and citrus for a fruity/spicy cocktail. Our preference is Agave spirits of any kind, but you do you! Absolutely stunning. 

About Matchbook Distilling:

Located on the North Fork of Long Island, Matchbook is the brainchild of distiller Leslie Merinoff-Kwasnieski. They produce an immensely diverse set of spirits built primarily around the abundant produce of their local farmers. Although they make a number of conventional spirits like 2 different grain to glass vodka's and some relatively straightforward American Whiskies, they are perhaps best known for their unconventional offerings. Smoked Pineapple Eau de Vie. Blueberry Amaro. Sunchoke and Honey Spirit. Everything that we've tasted from Matchbook has at the very least made us think, and most of the time it's made us want to drink more of whatever they've come up with. Truly a pioneering distilling team. 

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