Los Cantiles 1905 Bacanora Blanco

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Los Cantiles 1905 Bacanora Blanco

47% ABV

Bacanora is a category of agave spirits from the state of Sonora in Northern Mexico. It was illegal to produce for most of the 20th century, only becoming legal again in 1992. It is made from the Agave Pacifica which is a genetic relative of the ubiquitous Espadin which is used to produce mezcal.

This is easily the best Bacanora we've ever tried. Made by Maestro Jose Luis Portillo, a 4th generation vinatero in the town of Nacori Chico, Sonora. The agaves are roasted in a volcanic rock lined earthen pit and double distilled in a stainless steel alembic with a copper condensing coil. Clean and herbaceous with agave sweetness, earth and a mildly smoky finish. 

"The Portillo Family started producing Bacanoras, Lechuguillas and Palmillas back in 1905 when Don Refugio Portillo, Jose Luis Portillo’s great grandfather, founded “Rancho La Nopalera.”

The project includes replanting agaves and promoting Opata Traditions, an ethnic group that is almost extinct. Their bottles are 100% recycled glass, made by hand by artisan workers, promoting economic grow in the region."
- From mezcalreviews.com

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