Leopold Bros. Maryland Style Rye Whiskey

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Leopold Bros. Maryland Style Rye Whiskey

50% ABV

Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey from genius distiller Todd Leopold. 

Producer Notes:
"The Leopold Bros Maryland Style Rye is an homage to a Pre-Prohibition regional style of whiskey making that has been lost for over fifty years. Immensely popular with Union Soldiers stationed in Washington DC during the Civil War, Maryland rye became renowned for its softer, fruitier character and its reputation only grew from there. After Prohibition, many of Maryland’s distilleries were sold off for their property value, or turned over to industrial enterprises looking to capitalize on Maryland rye’s reputation with a cheaper substitute. The last Maryland rye distillery from that era shuttered its doors in 1972. Thanks to a friendly collector, Todd Leopold was able to sample numerous bottles of real Maryland Rye Whiskey from 60+ years ago and catalogued their flavor profiles. Working from those tasting notes, the Leopold Bros’ Maryland Style Rye Whiskey is made with a mash bill of 65% rye, 15% corn, and 20% of our beloved floor malted barley. Using a variant of yeast that brought out the fruitiness of the rye, rather than its spiciness, the whiskey was pot distilled and aged five years in our Colorado dunnage warehouses. The resulting spirit is fruity and floral at its core with a soft, buttery finish that emulates the rye whiskies of Maryland’s historic past."

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