Kaiyo Whisky Cask Strength Mizunara Oak

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Kaiyo Whisky Cask Strength Mizunara Oak

53% ABV

Malt Whisky from the Nikka Distillery that is teaspooned with malt from another unnamed Japanese Distillery. All of the Kaiyo Whiskies are aged in Japanese Mizunara Oak, a slower growing, porous grained variety of oak that is much rarer and prized than the ubiquitous American White Oak or European varieties. Because the trees do not grow straight vertically and have a higher water content, it takes nearly 200 years for a Mizunara Oak tree to be large enough to be harvested.

After a lengthy land based aging, the whisky is then put on a ship for a 3 month "sea voyage" which exposes the casks to wide temperature and air pressure fluctuations and nearly constant movement, accelerating the exposure of whisky to oak staves. This is a shockingly affordable bottling considering its age, provenance, and alcoholic strength. The whisky is non-chill filtered and is surprisingly approachable neat with notes of dark chocolate and fruity malt flavors. 

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