Hampden Estate Pagos

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Hampden Estate Pagos

52% ABV

Hampden Estate is a remarkable distillery in Trelawny Jamaica that has been in operation nearly continuously since 1753. They only make pot distilled rum and they are known for the high ester content of their rums. Esters are flavor and aroma compounds that occur during fermentation through the interaction of acids and alcohols. Hampden makes 8 different marks through different fermentation and distillation practices, each having varying levels of esters. The specific funkiness of Jamaican rums is due to the specific esters in the spirit.

This is a flagship release that is aged exclusively in 500 Liter ex-Sherry casks from Bodegas Fundador. Spontaneously/wild fermented (ie they don’t add cultured yeasts. Ambient yeasts just start the fermentation) and double distilled in copper pots. It is fully tropically aged at Hampden in Jamaica which accelerates the aging process as opposed to aging in cooler or more temperate climates. It’s hot and humid in Jamaica so you don’t need to age spirits as long there.

On the nose, there is tons of Sherry barrel influence that almost smells a bit like sulfur, a touch of clove and tons of funk. On the palate, it’s rich and earthy with baking spices, tobacco, molasses sweetness and some tropical fruit. The good folks at Hampden say that this is a Rum for Single Malt Scotch drinkers who love sherried malts. We think it's a funky rum for anyone who loves amazing spirits.

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