El Gran Legado Blanco Still Strength

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El Gran Legado Blanco Still Strength

54.5% ABV - NOM 1123 - Certified Additive Free by TequilaMatchmaker.com

Made at the Cascahuin Distillery in El Arenal in Los Valles, Jalisco from agaves sourced in the state of Michoacan. The agaves are roasted in their brick and stone ovens, crushed with a roller mill and fermented with well water and without bagasso (agave plant fibers) in stainless steel tanks. Distilled 2 times in stainless steel pot stills with copper condensing coils. Certified additive free and bottled at “still strength” which is a robust 109 proof. Overproof bottlings are all the rage in tequila at the moment which is a trend we are delighted to endorse.

On the nose it’s pure, clean roasted agave and minerals with a touch of tropical fruit and lime peel. On the palate it’s earthy and agave sweet with peppery notes, some acidity and a bit of afterburn on the finish. We love the regular blanco bottling for it's intense mineral qualities and silky clean mouthfeel, but this one takes it up a notch flavor wise.

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