Don Mateo de la Sierra Cupreata Mezcal

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Don Mateo de la Sierra Cupreata Mezcal

46% ABV

Don Mateo de la Sierra was the first Palenque to release a certified mezcal once Michoacan was added to the Denomination Origen for the category. Maestro Emilio Vieyra and his family have been producing mezcales in Morelia Michoacan for 6 generations. The brand takes its name from Emilio's great grandfather Mateo who was a 3rd generation Viñatero (distilleries are known as "Viñatas" locally). 

This is their flagship bottling of Agave Cupreata. The agaves are grown from seed in their nursery until viable when they are transplanted to the rocky and sandy soils of the highlands above Morelia. The fully mature agaves are pit roasted and spontaneosly fermented in oak tinas. They are then double distilled in a Filipino style still with a copper base and and Oyamel wood top. Citrus and pine frame the tropical agave fruit with a peppery finish.

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