Domaine de Montreuil Reserve Calvados Pays d'Auge

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Domaine de Montreuil Reserve Calvados Pays d'Auge

44% ABV

This bottling was actually conceived of and formulated for 2 bars in the Bay Area back in 2015: Bar Agricole in San Francisco and our very own Prizefighter Bar. Thad Vogler from Agricole and one of the original Prizefighter owners Jon Santer visited Domaine de Montreuil with the importer Charles Neal. They told the head of the Domaine that what we were looking for was a Calvados for cocktails. That meant something a bit higher proof than the standard 40% ABV, and something a bit younger and more aggressive so that it would stand up to dilution and other ingredients. He was confused as to why someone would want a younger, rougher version of his beautiful brandies but he agreed to do it. This was the result. At first it was made in tiny quantities and was only availble to the 2 bars. It is now availble to all to everyones great fortune. 

Fresh apples, acidity, and a bit of grip from the 44% ABV. Perfect in cocktails but also works well as a sipper. It is the featured player in the Jack Rose at Prizefighter which has been on our menu since day 1 and we humbly say is one of the best things that we do.

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