Cobrafire Esperance Eau de Vie de Raisins

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Cobrafire Esperance Eau de Vie de Raisins

51.3% ABV

An unaged Eau de Vie made at Domaine d’Espérance made from equal parts Folle Blanche and Baco.

"A true spirits nerd bottle, Cobrafire is distilled in the Armagnac region of France from the Folle Blanche and Baco grape varietals and bottled at full strength. We felt this distillate expressed itself more like a “grape eau-de-vie” than an “unaged Armagnac” (which it technically is), hence we shunned the “Blanche d’Armagnac” appellation and had it bottled as an “eau-de-vie de raisin”. The 51.3% abv are perfectly integrated, the hallmark of a very skilled distiller."

As they say, it doesn't drink like a 100+ proof spirit at all. The nose is plummy and floral. On the palate it's weighty and plush. Can be swapped in for Brandy in any classic cocktail but sips beautifully on its own. 

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