Chacolo - Lineño Capon 3 Años Vol. 5F

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Chacolo - Lineño Capon 3 Años Vol. 5F

48.17% ABV - 750ml

The Partida family has been producing agave spirits in Zapotitlan de Vadillo, Jalisco for 5 generations. They can't legally call it Mezcal or Tequila due to their location and the agaves that they use for their spirits so they are technically just "Destilado de Agave". They grow 14 different varietals of Agave Angustifolia and a few Agave Rhodacantha on their property. They leave all of their agaves as "Capòn" prior to harvesting. When the plant begins to shoot a flowering stalk at the end of it's lifespan, they cut the Quiote or stalk and leave the plant in the ground for an additional 1-3 years. This stops the flowering process and keeps all of the fermentable sugars needed for Mezcal production inside of the Piña and further develops the flavor and character of the plant material. This time intensive process yields agaves of incredible flavor. 

This is 100% Agave Lineño (angustifolia) that is Capòn for 3 years. It is lactic and earthy with tart cherry and citrus fruit flavors and a very faint smokiness. These bottles are rare (this batch was just 229 Liters) due to their long maturation period and traditional production methods.

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