Cañada Rum

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Cañada Rum

~50% ABV

Agricole-style rum from the cloud forest of Oaxaca! The Krassel family have grown and distilled aguardiente in Santa Maria Tlalixtac, Oaxaca for 3 generations. They grow their organic sugar cane in the high altitude cloud forest in the far north of Oaxaca state at elevations ranging from 900 to nearly 4000 feet above sea level. 

Their cane is harvested, pressed, and pumped to their palenque where it spontaneously ferments from the presence of wild ambient yeasts in their stainless steel tanks. They use a modified continuous still that their grandfather designed in the 1930's. With an eye towards sustainability, they utilize diesel fuel to fire their still so as not to add to the issue of deforestation which is common in that area of Oaxaca. 

Distilled to proof that varies based on the batch but is normally just above 50% abv. Dry and herbaceous with a hint of cane spirit funk and some sweetness on the mid palate. This is the perfect rum for those who are Agricole curious but perhaps not ready for the fully funky/vegetal profile. At the bar we use it in our Clarified Piña Colada and it's fantastic in a Mexican Daiquiri with fresh lime and either cane or agave syrup.

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