Brovo Spirits Uncharted Rhapsody American Forest Liqueur

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Brovo Spirits Uncharted Rhapsody American Forest Liqueur

55% ABV

In our opinion, maybe the best straight swap for the increasingly elusive (and expensive) Green Chartreuse. To be honest, Chartreuse is a singular product that can likely never be replicated. Unfortunately.... There are many quality products out there that scratch the same itch, but all of them leave us wanting.

HOWEVER! This one is the closest in terms of ABV, texture, and sweetness that we've found yet to the magical elixir made by the Carthusian Monks. The botanical profile is different but fascinating with notes of mint, pine, complex herbs and botanicals. And at 55% ABV, it is not shy. They do not macerate the finish product with any coloring botanicals so it doesn't have the bright green hue of others like it. But it fully delivers on flavor. 

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