Amatiteña Tequila Origen Blanco

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Amatiteña Tequila Origen Blanco

49% ABV - NOM 1477 - Certified Additive Free By

Neophytes often refer to Mezcal as "the smoky Tequila". That's...not very accurate. But THIS is in fact "the smoky Tequila". This is a single estate tequila that utilizes fully mature agaves from a single plot of land that is hand written on the bottle. The agaves are cooked in a mesquite fired stone oven as opposed to the usual steam cooking utilized by nearly every other tequila producer. The smoke from the fire is what gives the resulting spirit it's powerful smokiness. The cooked agaves are crushed with a stone tahona and then the juice and bagasso (agave plant fibers) are combined with spring water in large wooden tinas (tanks) where they are spontaneously fermented with ambient yeast. The resulting agave wine is double distilled in copper pots. This is the closest you'll come to tasting what tequila was like before modern production practices took hold decades ago. A time capsule tequila, if you will.

This is a "still strength" bottling at 49% ABV. Smoke, citrus, minerals, and cooked agave notes dominate. Gorgeous mouthfeel and long finish. This is the perfect bottle for the Mezcal lover who turns their nose up at Tequila, or for the Mezcal-curious Tequila lover. 

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