Agua del Sol Espadin

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Agua del Sol Espadin

47% ABV

Agua del Sol is a brand started by the Monterrosa family who are behind Mezcales Cuish. Like with that label, they are presenting mezcales from producers of agave spirits all over Mexico.

"Agua del Sol is a line of agave spirits that is structured as a co-op and represents producers from across Oaxaca. We make traditional agave spirits accessible to local
communities by keeping a part of individual batches for domestic consumption. Bottling as "Agave Spirits" helps keep costs down and allows our producer partners maintain traditional production methods."

This is a lovely Espadin from Maestra Mezcalera Reyna Rodriguez in San Carlos Yautepec, Oaxaca. She pit roasts the mature agaves and crushes them with a horse drawn tahona. The Mosto is fermented in cypress wood vats and double distilled in copper alembics. It is proofed with heads & tails and distilled water. It has bright acidity with some pastry-like sweetness and a pleasing smokiness. 

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