Rezpiral Madrecuish + Coyote Series 7

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Rezpiral Madrecuish + Coyote Series 7

 45.6% ABV

Made in the remote village of Lachiguizo, Miahuatlan Oaxaca by Maestra Reina Sanchez. 8-9 year old agaves were pit roasted for 10 days prior to mashing with axes, machetes and a mechanical crusher. Spontaneously fermented for 12 days in wooden "tinas" and then double distilled in copper alembic stills. Distilled to proof in a batch of 230 liters.  

About Rezpiral:

Rezpiral is a spirits label, project and fair trade practice that brings beautiful selections of the highest quality traditional artisanal single-batch (non-certified) Mezcals into a handful of places in the USA.  At the core of the project is the embrace of an ethos that aims to respect and support the multi-generational knowledge, independence, flavors, lands and ways of each mezcalero family with whom we work. The project upholds quality and value, working from batch to batch, bringing to market an eclectic selection of spirits, each complex and excellent.

Rezpiral’s small scale allows for the advocacy of diversity on different levels, from supporting the autonomy of producers & their continued production of single batch artisanal agave distillates to the preservation of local land control. These ethics seek to contribute to the countering of industrial standardization and cultural appropriation of this family & pueblo produced spirit and culture of excellence.

Ecologically, seeding and planting practice is key to sustainability, autonomy and sustenance, and its something independent artisans have been doing for years. Rezpiral actively supports master artisan’s in planting and managing agave. Rezpiral believes that the burden of planting and protecting varieties should not fall completely on the shoulders of the artisan campesino, but be shared by the consumer. Our nursery program promotes and practices this idea (see Vivero). Rezpiral also redirects 30% of it’s earnings back into supporting producer’s farming costs and practices (see 30%).

Rezpiral was founded in 2014 by Alex White, who continues to manage and direct all elements fo the project. Alex is an artist, facilitator and project designer with an education and professional background in Economics & Urban/Regional Planning who has created and managed projects in Asia, India, Europe and in the America’s.
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