Las Marias Mezcal - Salmiana

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Las Marias Mezcal - Salmiana

45% ABV

Agave Salmiana from the state of San Luis Potosi. Unlike most other mezcales, producers in the state of San Luis Potosi traditionally do not roast their agaves in earthen pits. The wood smoke created in this type of roast is what gives mezcal its smoky flavor. In SLP, they commonly use above ground ovens or autoclaves that steam cook the agaves, similar to the process in Tequila, but at a much smaller scale. This allows the wild, fruity, and vegetal flavors of the indigenous Salmiana agave to shine through absent the smokiness.

This is an approachable bottling from a female owned brand at an insanely affordable price point. It has some of the earthy, feral qualities that we associate with Agave Salmiana but with a fruity and spicy backbone. Mix with it or sip it on its own.

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