Maguey Melate Jabali German Manzano Martinez

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Maguey Melate Jabali German Manzano Martinez

52.7% ABV - 375mL

Jabali is a wild agave that is notoriously difficult to work with due to the high level of saponins contained within it. Saponins are a glycocide that cause a huge amount of foaming during fermentation and distillation. They grow in many parts of Oaxaca and have traditionally been utilized as a natural fencing. When handled properly, they yield Mezcal of tremendously complex flavor and texture.

This one was made by Maestro German Manzano Martinez in Santa Maria Zoquitlan, Oaxaca. The 14 year old wild Jabali were pit roasted for 4 days, crushed with a tahona, naturally fermented in Sabino wood tanks with well water for 5 days. It was finally distilled 3 times in a copper pot. This additional distillation is not uncommon with this agave varietal due to the foaminess mentioned above. A punchy 52.7% ABV, it has some notes of tart strawberry on the nose. On the palate, it is savory with tropical fruit notes and earthiness, with a tart and sweet finish. 

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