G4 Añejo Six Barrel Edition

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G4 Añejo Six Barrel Edition

40% ABV - NOM 1579 - Certified Additive Free by TequilaMatchmaker.com

From the Brand:

" A one of a kind, Special Release, of G4 Tequila.
Several years ago some young people approached Felipe and
asked the “Mad Scientist” to help them with an experiment and
he could not resist. This batch is a complete departure from the
familar processes at El Pandillo, other than oven cooking and the
use of the Felipestein tahona. This very small batch was
fermented in barrels, using champagne yeast and with no added
heat. Only rainwater was used for all aspects. And the tequila
was distilled outdoors using Felipe’s little ‘Mezcal Still’ over direct
fire from propane gas. A very slow and careful process.
This unique tequila was then aged for 30 months, also uniquely,
in 2 used White Wine Barrels and 4 used Cognac Barrels, thusly
we’re calling this the 6 Barrels Edition, and as you can clearly see
and taste everything about this Release is unique and delicious!
Tasting Notes: Floral and sweet nose with plenty of agave. The notes of
the cognac are present in the flavor. Rainwater mouth feel
is remarkable. Finish is both clean and exceptionally long."

About Destileria El Pandillo-NOM 1579
El Pandillo is the domain of Master Distiller Felipe Camarena. Felipe is a 3rd generation distiller and a 6th generation agavero (agave farmer). His family founded and owns the La Alteña Distillery (Tequila Tapatio, El Tesoro de Don Felipe and others) and his brother Carlos owns Los Alambiques (Tequila Ocho).

Felipe is a mechanical engineer by trade and he has designed and built numerous unique pieces of equipment that he uses in the production process. Perhaps the most famous one is "Felipenstein", his 19,000 pound custom tahona that he uses to extract the juices from his roasted highland agave. It's also one of the most sustainable facilities in Jalisco with a rainwater capture system, biodiversity in his agave fields, and stillage treatment program. He is a force of nature and a true master of his craft. He's also one hell of a good hang.

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